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Custom Glass Spice Jars with Bamboo Airtight Lids and Labels supplier

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We are a professional glass bottle manufacturer and supplier, and can custom produce bottles in customers' own shapes.

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Product name: High borosilicate glass storage tank
Material: high borosilicate glass
Process: hand blown
Product capacity size: 650ml(10cm*10cm)/800ml(12cm*10cm)/1000ml(15cm*10cm)/1400ml(20cm*10cm)/1750ml(25cm*10cm)
Product use: used to store scented tea, fruit tea, coffee beans, dried red dates, baby food supplements, oat grains, candy and biscuits
Product details:
1. The storage of ingredients is clear at a glance, no need to rummage through boxes and cabinets, and the remaining ingredients are intuitively visible
2. Up and down folding design, can be stacked at will, flat bottom bottle cap with transparent bottle body, there is a convenient storage experience at a glance
3. Large-caliber bottle mouth, no fear of spilling, easy to clean large-caliber bottle mouth, filling is not afraid of spilling, and it can be taken more smoothly
4. A variety of capacities, all-inclusive, free classification for a set solution
5. Bamboo wood cover, embedded with silicone ring, good sealing effect
6. Round bottle mouth, high transparency glass, wide caliber, easy to clean
7. Flat bottom, uniform thickness, not easy to dump

We are a professional glass bottle manufacturer and supplier, and can custom produce bottles in customers’ own shapes. We can also produce candle jars, cosmetic sets, wine bottles, food storage jars, perfume bottles, welcome to inquire about customizing your own branded bottles!

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