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Top 5 Best wine tube suppliers in the world


Wine tubes are widely used in red wine production. Here are some well-known wine tube manufacturers:

1.TUBES – Wines & Spirits by the glass

Wines & Spirits by the glass is a Netherlands-based company that bottles and distributes wines and spirits in elegant 50ml and 100ml glass or recycled plastic tubes. Available in unbreakable recycled plastic and high-quality glass. Create new food pairing concepts by using tubes and save time by serving guests ready-to-drink cocktails in tubes.

2.Kaufman Container

Kaufman Container is one of the leading wine bottle suppliers in the United States. In addition to wholesale wine bottles, Kaufman Container also supplies corks, caps and specialty closures.

3.Wine In Tubes

WIT DELUXE is a 100% Danish company supplying empty wine bottles. Wit Deluxe is a European quality glass packaging company with an eye for detail.


Saverglass is an industrial group of French origin specializing in the manufacture and decoration of glass bottles for spirits and fine wines.


5. JLGlass Co., Ltd.

JL GLASS can produce popular glass tube bottles, with seven capacities of 8ml, 10ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml, 60ml and 100ml, which are used for liquor, wine, beverages, juices, etc. The wine tube is exported to many countries, and it is easy to manage wine bottles Make your wine brand better than other brands and more popular than other bottles, if you are interested, welcome to contact us.

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